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June 2019 Archives

Estate planning for your blended family

Like many other people in Massachusetts, you are beginning to think about your future and are interested in creating an estate plan that conforms to the needs of your family. However, your family has a unique dynamic in that it is blended. At Curley Law Firm LLP, we are experienced in helping families of all different backgrounds to develop a beneficial estate plan.

Tackling estate plans with Medicaid planning in mind: Part 1

When it comes to estate planning in Massachusetts, many people do not craft their arrangements with Medicaid in mind. This is often due to overlooking potential long-term care needs, not knowing the eligibility rules or little to no knowledge about the benefits that the government program offers to help seniors manage their long-term care costs. Whether you are in the process of finalizing your end-of-life documents or have yet to start them, you should not overlook the importance of including estate plan provisions that allow you to take advantage of Medicaid long-term care benefits should you need them. 

Keeping your family informed about your estate plan

Even though your estate plan is centered on your desires and how you would like your life's accomplishments to be distributed, you are not the only person who your plan will affect. At Curley Law Firm LLP, we have significant experience helping people in Massachusetts to create a customized estate plan. 

What is a health proxy?

There are certain laws in Massachusetts that allow each individual adult to make his or her own healthcare decisions. However, there may be circumstances in which people are unable to make or communicate what they would like. A health proxy can help in these situations.

Estate planning and the emotional impact on a family

Aside from a loved one passing away or possibly the divorce process, estate planning issues can be one of the most emotionally intense topics for families. In some instances, the emotional impact of an estate plan can be very difficult for certain family members, whether they become angry with their family member’s decisions. On the other hand, setting up an estate plan can also be a major source of relief and a cause for celebration for an entire family. Those who are creating or making revisions to an estate plan should consider the emotional impact that their decisions may have on their family members.