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October 2018 Archives

3 tips for discussing estate plans with family

The holiday season is upon us, which means it is time for family gatherings. This is the perfect opportunity to discuss your estate plan with your family members. While it may not seem like the merriest issue to talk about, it can be beneficial for your whole family to have this discussion. 

Discussing estate taxes with family members

Estate planning brings up diverse issues for people to consider whether they set up a trust or a will. Naming beneficiaries, the likelihood of a probate dispute and even figuring out which estate plan makes the most sense are all challenges that some people have faced. However, you may also want to talk to your loved ones about various tax issues related to your estate plan. This is a critical aspect of estate planning that should not be overlooked since the tax implications of an estate plan can be significant.

Setting up a joint will

Estate planning brings up a number of considerations, such as deciding which beneficiaries will receive certain assets. Moreover, some people may have difficulty determining which type of estate plan is best and we have written about some of their options on our blog. In this post, we will look into joint wills and some of the reasons why this option can be advantageous. As with any kind of estate plan, it is crucial to carefully go over the ins and outs of a joint will before you move forward.

Discrepancies on tax filings may apply longer than realized

Estate planning is a complex process and can take time for families in Massachusetts to narrow down their desires and figure out how to articulate them in a well-written document. However, with vigilance and commitment, families that prioritize their planning efforts and involve the people they love can prepare for their future and eliminate some of the debilitating stresses that others may face in critical moments due to lack of planning. 

Tax-related profits are only part of the reward of an estate plan

Planning an estate may seem unimportant to people who are young, have a stable income, are healthy and do not have any significant obligations to dependents. However, waiting too long to plan for the future can be more damaging than many people realize and create stress, contention, and disappointment in a person's later years. The more proactive people are about planning their estate in Massachusetts, they may be able to set the foundation for a lifetime of preparation that will ultimately make the end of their life more enjoyable and more rewarding. 

Estate Planning and Contingencies: 3 Scenarios to Consider

You’ve worked hard for what you’ve got, and you don’t like the thought of your assets being distributed improperly. Your wishes are important, and you dread the thought of your family having to go through a hardship to receive what should be rightfully theirs. There are a few ways you can help fine-tune your estate planning to make it harder for unexpected situations to arise before and after your death.