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July 2016 Archives

Handling vacation property in an estate plan

Setting out what will happen in the future with the real estate they have is among the things an elderly individual can do in their estate plan. Now, each particular type of real estate has its own unique aspects and circumstances, and thus can raise its own particular issues when it comes to estate planning.

Lacking a will can have big consequences

What a person does during their life can have significant ramifications on what happens after their death, such as how things go for their family and friends after they pass away. This is especially the case when it comes to what they do (or don’t do) in the realm of estate planning. 

Assisted-living facilities one nursing home alterative

Individuals vary considerably in what their care needs are in their elderly years. Some elderly individuals need the skilled nursing care that nursing homes can provide. Others, while not needing skilled nursing care, still have personal care needs that exceed their abilities to handle them on their own.