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April 2016 Archives

What things can impact elder financial abuse risks?

From cons, to scams, to thefts, to fraud, to false promises, to coercion, to scare tactics, to forgeries, elder financial abuse can take all manner of different forms. Whatever its particularly type, elder financial exploitation can wreak havoc on an elderly individual and their family, financially and emotionally.

Thinking about the future when big life changes occur

When a big change happens in a person's life, such as a marriage, the birth of a child, a major change in employment situation or a big financial gain or loss, a lot of the person's thoughts might be on the present and the immediate ramifications of the change. However, in the wake of these sorts of events, thinking about issues regarding the future can also be extremely important, as these events can have big impacts on the future as well as the present.

Keeping long-term care costs down

One of the needs individuals can have as they grow older are long-term care needs. Federal estimates predict that, currently, the likelihood of needing some sort of such care at some point in the future is about 70 percent for individuals turning 65.