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Month: June 2018

Do you need a pour-over will?

You set up a trust years ago, and you've been putting assets such as your home in Massachusetts into it, updating it as needed. After all, you are determined that your beneficiaries get all of your assets with as few tax consequences as possible. However, what if the...

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When a trustee should be replaced

Trustees shoulder a lot of responsibility, and when people set up irrevocable trusts as part of their Massachusetts estate plan, they generally put a lot of thought into whether to choose a person, a professional or an institution. After the designation is made,...

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What to expect when you become an executor

If you have accepted the job of executor for a deceased loved one or friend, you may feel overwhelmed when you learn about the size of the estate and what is involved.The good news is that you can proceed in a step-by-step manner and rely on professional help whenever...

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