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Planning For Estate Taxes

After paying taxes all their lives, our clients do not want to pay more than they have to in taxes when they die. You can minimize or even eliminate estate taxes by planning carefully with us in advance (before they die). An appropriate plan will often result in your family saving tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary tax payments.

Even after death, it may not be too late for a surviving spouse to plan for their family. Some estate tax planning can be done after death, but only under very tight deadlines. If your spouse has passed away within the last nine months and you have a taxable estate you should see a qualified estate and tax planning attorney as soon as possible to learn what your options are.

Anyone who dies with a gross estate of $1 million or more is subject to estate taxes. And if the decedent has made large lifetime gifts, the threshold for triggering estate taxes may be substantially less than $1 million.

At Curley Law Firm LLP, we are fond of saying that the only people who pay estate taxes are those who fail to plan! Sadly, many people fail to plan and their loved ones discover too late that massive payments to the government could have been entirely avoided with careful advance planning.

Estate tax planning is entirely lawful — just as any legitimate tax planning for your income taxes.

Massachusetts has long had an estate tax for estates over $1 million. On the federal level, the current threshold for estate taxes is roughly $11.5 million, indexed for inflation. Estates over the federal threshold can pay 40% or more in taxes!

Estate tax planning can also be used advantageously for life insurance policies and retirement plans to eliminate or minimize estate taxes for generations. The laws are clear and give a variety of opportunities to people to plan around estate taxes – but you must take action to enjoy the benefit of these laws.

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