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Medicaid (MassHealth) Benefits in a Nursing Home

MassHealth requires that an applicant have less than $2,000 of countable assets before he or she may qualify for benefits. One way to reach that level is to privately pay the nursing home until you have no money left. But that will leave you without any assets to supplement your care in the future, and it may leave your spouse impoverished. Instead, we encourage clients to consider all options available to preserve and protect their assets – and still qualify for MassHealth benefits.

How Can I Qualify For These Benefits?

You must consult a qualified elder law attorney to learn about all available legal strategies.

Can I Rely Upon The Nursing Home To Help Me With The Application?

Unfortunately, the nursing home is there to try to get you to spend your every last dollar on the nursing home costs. They will not share with you the lawful strategies that you can employ to preserve assets and qualify for benefits simultaneously.

Won’T Medicare Or Private Health Insurance Cover My Nursing Home Costs?

No, Medicare and private health insurance will only cover a short-term rehabilitation stay of under 100 days. Once those benefits end, you will have to pay your daily nursing home costs (often over $400 per day) unless you can qualify for Medicaid (MassHealth) benefits.

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