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Understanding Massachusetts Medicaid (MassHealth) Benefits In Your Home

Maximize Your Ability To Stay In Your Home With The Care You Need.

Why go to a nursing home when you might qualify for free extensive services in your own home! We are specialists in helping clients secure Medicaid-paid services in their own homes. This little-known program can make the difference between you staying in your home for the rest of your life or you unnecessarily and prematurely entering a nursing home. We help clients reconfigure their income, assets and equity in their home so they can best secure the health care and services they need to stay in their home for as long as possible. Where appropriate, we work with investment advisers, accountants, geriatric care managers, and social workers to meet this objective.

Did You Know That You May Qualify To For Free Benefits At Your Home?

Very few attorneys realize that Medicaid (MassHealth) offers a tremendous at-home benefit for qualifying seniors. The benefits are entirely free! This program can be the key for those seniors who want to remain home rather than enter a nursing home.

How Can I Qualify For These Benefits?

MassHealth requires that you have sufficient care needs that you would qualify for nursing home care. MassHealth also requires that the applicant have less than $2,000 of countable assets.

While that may seem like an impossible financial standard for many seniors to attain, why sell yourself short without first consulting a qualified elder law attorney. It may be that with careful planning, you could qualify for immediate at-home benefits.

What Types Of Services Are Available?

Applicants are carefully screened and evaluated to determine the services for which they qualify. Applicants with modest care needs will qualify for fewer services than applicants with extensive care needs.

Do I Have To Manage The Care Providers?

No, your local elder service agency manages all service providers so you do not have to worry about hiring, paychecks, taxes, insurance, etc.

Can I Receive 24-Hour Care In My Home Through This Masshealth Benefit?

This program is designed to provide up to roughly 40 hours of care per week. If an applicant declines and requires a greater amount of care, the applicant may require nursing home care.

What If My Care Needs Increase?

The program can increase your level of services to meet your growing care needs. This program is designed to evolve with you to best match your needs. Subject to the limitation that it is not designed as a 24-hour care replacement for Nursing Home, many applicants with increasing care needs can continue to be served through the flexibility of the services available on this benefit.

Are There Other Programs That May Be Helpful?

Yes, depending on where you live, the PACE and SCO program may also be helpful in keeping your home. Both have similar financial requirements to MassHealth so planning with a qualified elder law attorney can help you qualify for these benefits.

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