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Helping You Plan For Medicaid (MassHealth)

Medicaid planning can be done in advance or in a crisis. The key is that you have a qualified elder law attorney like us at Curley Law Firm LLP to guide you through this process. Medicaid planning is filled with pitfalls that can cause eligibility disqualification or lost asset protection if you go it alone or work with an attorney who is not a recognized specialist in this area.

Crisis Planning

In a crisis, Medicaid planning requires immediate action to preserve and protect an applicant’s remaining assets and income to the maximum extent permitted by law. This is true whether the applicant is seeking benefits at home or in a nursing home. Many seniors falsely believe that it is too late to do planning in a crisis – and sadly they are the folks who needlessly spend down everything they have ever saved thereby leaving them penniless. We urge you to at least learn about all of your legal options and make an informed decision.

Advance Planning

In advance planning matters, we work with you to preserve your assets so that if you get sick and require nursing home care you have already preserved your hard-earned assets. These strategies often trigger a five-year look-back period so careful planning is essential.

Medicaid Vs. Medicare

Medicare is insurance issued through the federal government and for most people over age 65, Medicare only covers a fraction of the cost of nursing home care. Medicaid (also known as “MassHealth” in Massachusetts) is a combined state and federal program that covers most long-term care expenses, but is available only to applicants with less than $2,000 in countable assets.

We are specialists in assisting clients with Medicaid planning. We have encountered numerous scenarios, and chances are excellent we have handled matters for another client with issues similar to yours. We can help whether a situation calls for immediate assistance or a long-range plan.

For additional information about our qualifications and the benefits of retaining our services, please see our page entitled, “Why Choose Us.”

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Medicaid Planning

If you are prudent, we can help you plan in advance so that if you need nursing home care down the road, you will qualify for benefits faster. Through the use of lawful strategies, you can protect your hard-earned assets.

Because each individual’s situation is unique, it is hard to provide you with general rules about how best to prepare for Medicaid. You should consult with a qualified elder law attorney like us who has daily experience with Medicaid planning and applications.

There are a few rules that hold true for the majority of situations, including:

  • Gifts and asset transfers — Beware that gifts can render a Medicaid applicant ineligible for Medicaid benefits.
  • Spending down — We can help you develop a plan to spend down money to qualify for Medicaid while at the same time ensuring that your money can be protected for the benefit of you and/or your spouse.
  • Trusts — Under today’s laws, advance planning with certain types of irrevocable trusts offers the best asset long-term asset protection.

Contact A Massachusetts Medicaid Planning Attorney

For information about Medicaid planning or to discuss your particular situation with an experienced lawyer, please schedule a confidential consultation by calling 866-406-8582. You may also elect to submit our intake form, and we will contact you. Out-of-office consultations can be arranged by appointment. We serve clients in Wakefield and throughout Essex and Middlesex counties.