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November 2015 Archives

Survey: seniors not that worried about financial abuse

Elderly individuals can suffer greatly when they are subjected to financial abuse, and seniors can sometimes have significant vulnerabilities to such abuse. A recent survey indicates that, despite this, being worried about financial abuse is actually rather uncommon among elderly individuals.

Digital assets can pose estate planning difficulties

One of the changes the internet and computer age has brought about is a change in the types of assets individuals have. In today's world, many people have a fair amount of digital assets, such as digital photos, digital videos, social media accounts, digital documents, digital currencies, online video game characters, domain names, etc. As is the case with any type of asset, it can be important for individuals to address their digital assets in their estate planning. When a person leaves their digital assets out of their estate plan, it could leave things very up in the air when it comes to what will happen with these assets after they die.

Could hearing aids help curb cognitive decline?

Hearing aids can have many quality of life benefits for seniors who have hearing loss. Might the use of such devices also help elderly individuals with hearing problems retain more of their cognitive abilities as they get older? A recent study points to it being a possibility.