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February 2018 Archives

Estate plans and child support

When creating an estate plan or taking a second look at an existing estate plan, people may have various questions. For example, some may wonder how child support obligations will affect their plan or beneficiaries. As with all estate planning issues, it is essential to make sure that the most practical course of action is identified.

Remarriage and your estate plan

When two people decide that it is time to bring their marriage to an end, their lives may be changed in all sorts of ways. Often, divorce can lead to a fresh start, especially for those who may not have been happy in their marriage. However, there are also various legal issues that may need to be assessed, such as the way in which divorce will affect an estate plan. Sometimes, people decide to get married to someone else after they have split up with their previous spouse, in which case they may want to add their new spouse to the estate plan.

Small details that will make a big difference in your estate plan

Once you have decided to begin drafting your estate plan, you may notice that the term "estate planning" is actually a culmination of important things. Identifying critical components of your plan that require your immediate attention and which can wait temporarily, is a matter of deciding what is most important to you. At Curley Law Firm LLP, we have helped many people in Massachusetts to put together and finalize an estate plan that is legally binding. 

How can a car crash affect an estate plan?

In life, there are many positive and negative changes that may occur which can have an impact on someone’s estate plan. For example, when a child is born, a married couple decides to end their marriage, or major financial changes take place, going over an estate plan may be necessary. However, there are other life changes which can affect estate plans, some of which are completely unexpected, such as a car accident. If you were recently involved in a crash or one of your loved ones is struggling with the consequences of a traffic wreck, it might be a good idea to take another look at your estate plan.