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Estate plans and child support

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2018 | Estate Planning |

When creating an estate plan or taking a second look at an existing estate plan, people may have various questions. For example, some may wonder how child support obligations will affect their plan or beneficiaries. As with all estate planning issues, it is essential to make sure that the most practical course of action is identified.

When it comes to child support, and other family law topics such as the division of property and spousal support, you may have a number of questions that relate to estate planning. For example, you may be worried about how the payment of child support will affect you financially, thus having an impact on your estate and the property that you are able to leave behind for your loved ones once you pass away. Or, you could be worried about one of your beneficiaries and their child support obligations. For example, you might be concerned that the property you leave them will be taken due to their child support order.

It is important to understand that the laws vary from one state to another, with respect to child support as well as estate matters. Additionally, the individual circumstances each person finds themselves in can vary considerably, from those who have significant assets to those with relatively little. Therefore, if you have questions about the best path forward under your unique circumstances, it is best to look for answers that are applicable for your situation. Our estate planning section offers even more material related to setting up an effective estate plan.