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3 key benefits of establishing a trust

Many people think estate planning begins and ends with a will. While a will does form a key component of estate planning, a comprehensive estate plan may require other tools to meet your particular needs. For instance, a trust may be something that would be beneficial...

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6 signs it is time to remove a trustee

Something does not seem right with your father’s trust, or more like the trustee. Beneficiary distributions have been late or missed. Tax due notifications have arrived, and the trustee is now driving a luxury car. A trustee has specific duties when managing a trust....

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Seeing the possibilities of blind trusts

There are many things people can do to effectively manage their money. Some Massachusetts residents may be wondering how trusts can be beneficial to them in the estate planning process. Those looking to have better control over their financial portfolios -- which can...

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Equal love need not equal identical trusts

Parents who have multiple children will vow that they love all of their children equally. While one may love children equally, it does not necessarily mean that they have to be provided for equally in one's estate plan in Massachusetts. Just as children have different...

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When to consider a living trust

As you age, it may become increasingly important for you to have a solid estate plan in place to benefit your loved ones. You have numerous options available to you in terms of how to create that estate plan, and each method of protecting your assets comes with its...

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