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August 2016 Archives

Planned giving in an estate plan

Charitable giving does not have to be a standalone process. Rather, when supporting charities is among a person’s goals, they can incorporate their charitable giving into their larger overall plans, such as their estate plan, through planned giving.

Long-term care expenses and protecting a family home

There are many reasons why a person may want their home to stay in the family after they have passed away or are no longer able to use it themselves. For example, they may want their spouse or another family member to not have to worry about where they are going to live or how they are going to afford housing. Also, a family home can carry a lot of memories with it, so a person may have a desire to pass on such a home to future generations of their family to help with preserving these memories and to give these generations the opportunity to enjoy to home and its connection to family tradition.

Group long-term care insurance premiums in Massachusetts

There are various methods individuals could turn to for trying to address the possibility of having high long-term care expenses in the future. For some, setting up certain kinds of trusts could be of help when it comes to their goals on this front. Another planning strategy some use is getting long-term care insurance.

Study: Elderly stroke victims average more care time per week

Suffering a stroke can be a very terrifying experience for an elderly individual. It is also an experience that can have effects long into the future. Among the things a stroke can impact for a senior is what their care needs are moving forward. A recent study points to stroke survivors tending to have significantly greater care needs than elderly individuals who have not suffered a stroke.

Estate planning needs for those in the ‘sandwich generation’

One of the big things parents are focused on is the care of their children. For some parents, though, their children are not the only family members they might be caring for. This is particularly the case for parents who fall into the “sandwich generation.”