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April 2019 Archives

Estate planning concerns following divorce

This may go without saying, but getting divorced in Wakefield is by no means easy. Even after the conclusion of your divorce proceedings, there still may be much to do. Think about just how involved in your life your now ex-spouse truly was. It is likely that their names are still associated with your bank records, insurance policies, utility accounts and much, much more. While you may have had time since your initial separation to literally separate yourselves from them in your common financial affairs, one area that many in your position forget to revisit is your estate planning. This leads to many coming to us here at the Curley Law Firm, LLP concerned that their ex-spouse's may still be in a position to inherit their assets. 

Setting up a trust as a business owner

There are a number of advantages when it comes to trust, and this is especially true for those who own a business. Whether you run a large corporation or a smaller local business, you may benefit from a trust in many ways. For example, a trust can help ensure that your business will be run smoothly in the event that you are no longer able to take care of things, for whatever reason. Whether you are incapacitated due to a health problem or an age-related issue, or you find yourself in a motor vehicle crash that you never saw coming, trusts can make these hardships easier for you to deal with.

Death during a divorce and claims to an estate

Some of the most challenging and turbulent difficulties that people may encounter in life are the loss of a spouse, the divorce process and figuring out how an estate will be distributed after someone passes away. In some instances, someone may find themselves facing all of these challenges at the same time, and they may have a lot of legal questions. For example, someone may have split up with their spouse, and their ex may pass away before their divorce is finalized. This can raise many questions, such as how his or her estate will be split up and whether their spouse will be entitled to any portion of their estate.

What kind of problems might I run into when choosing an executor?

When it comes to finalizing your affairs in Massachusetts, choosing a good executor may not be as easy as you think. Forbes describes your executor as the fiduciary responsible for managing your estate at the time of your passing. Being an executor is no easy task, so many people who have already served as an executor in the past may decline to do it again.