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October 2017 Archives

Will disputes, family relationships, and emotions

There are many facets of estate planning and a myriad of issues can arise after someone passes away. Unfortunately, disputes between beneficiaries and the executor of an estate sometimes take place, which can create even more difficulties for people who may already be struggling with heavy emotions after losing a loved one. Moreover, disagreements may arise between beneficiaries. For example, two siblings may disagree with the way in which their parent decided to distribute assets. If you are facing any of these challenges, approaching these matters with care is paramount.

Undue influence and wills

With estate matters, a smorgasbord of questions and challenges may arise. Whether you cannot figure out which type of estate plan is ideal or you are facing problems after a loved one has passed away, our law firm knows how critical it is to handle these issues appropriately. Moreover, you may need to familiarize yourself with different terms, such as undue influence, and figure out which course of action to take. In Middlesex, and other Massachusetts cities, handling estate hurdles appropriately is vital.

The basics of conservatorship in Massachusetts

Many people in Massachusetts have heard of conservatorships, but when a family member becomes incapacitated, it becomes important to understand just what this role entails. According to the Mental Health Legal Advisors Committee, a conservator is one who takes care of the assets and property of another. In general, a person would only need a conservator if he or she has substantial financial resources.