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February 2015 Archives

Death and Facebook accounts

For many people today, their Facebook page and their other social media pages play a significant part in the way they project themselves to the world. Thus, it makes sense that one thing individuals may have very strong thoughts about is what will happen with their social media accounts when they pass away. They may want their accounts to simply be shut down when they die. Or perhaps they would rather have their accounts kept up as memorials to their life. They may also have strong opinions about who should be able to access/control the accounts upon their death.

Full conservatorships and limited conservatorships

Sometimes, a medical problem an elderly individual has will render the individual unable to manage their finances and property. When such a situation arises, a court may be able to set up a conservatorship in relation to the elderly individual. Generally, in a conservatorship, a person is appointed to manage an impaired individual's finances and property. The appointed person is called the conservator.