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March 2015 Archives

Famous college coach gives after-death gift to former players

There are all manner of different after-death gifts that a person can set up their estate plan to make. This can be seen in some news that has arisen regarding a recently-deceased famous college basketball coach. The coach arrayed part of his estate plan towards making a nice gesture towards his former players. 

Requesting to be a loved one's guardian

When a person has an elderly loved one who has become incapacitated to the point where they cannot make health care decisions, they may be very concerned about their loved one's health and welfare. They may desire to be given the authority to make their loved one's health care decisions so they can protect their loved one's welfare. A question an individual with such a desire may have is: can I request to be named my loved one's guardian?

How is estate value determined for federal estate tax purposes?

One strong desire that many elderly individuals here in Massachusetts have is that, when they die, as much of the property they acquired over their life goes to the people they care about as possible. Thus, they generally want as little of their estate redirected, upon death, to other sources as possible. One thing that can lead to such unwanted redirection of portions of a deceased person's estate are estate taxes.

Protecting your nest egg

When an older individual is heading into retirement, one thing they often put a lot of pride in and care quite a bit about is the nest egg they have built up over the years. Such a nest egg can represent decades of hard work and a person's hopes of having the kind of retirement they deserve after all that hard work.