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May 2016 Archives

Report: Massachusetts tops nation in senior health

One thing a person may have great concerns about as they get older is their health. A senior’s health can have impacts on many things, including what their quality of life is like in their elderly years, what sorts of things they can do during their retirement and what medical and health care costs they end up being exposed to.

Discussing your estate plan with family

One of the crucial facts that people need to accept about estate planning is that it is important to prepare your estate plan early in life. You want to have everything organized and ready when you are young so that if the unexpected happens, you and your estate are prepared.

Estate planning issues for educators

Among the things that can impact what kind of estate planning issues can be key ones for a person is what they do for a living. Different fields/professions have different types of estate planning concerns that can typically arise for individuals in that field/profession. Today, we will discuss some of the special estate planning issues that can come up for individuals working in the field of education.

The price of not having a will: loss of control

Among the things a person may care greatly about is the legacy they leave behind. A desire to build the type of legacy they want and control what their legacy will be can be a driving force in many of a person’s actions, including how they conduct themselves in their business and personal dealings, how they get involved in their community and what sorts of things they build and create (like businesses).