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What is elder law?

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2023 | Elder Law |

Elder law is a specialized area that focuses on the legal needs of seniors as they age. For a host of reasons, understanding the ins and outs of this field is crucial for those approaching their golden years. Getting the correct information and guidance is essential whether you’re interested in safeguarding your personal interests or helping an aging family member to safeguard theirs.

From healthcare planning to financial management, elder law covers a wide range of topics that concern older adults. While many think it’s just about wills and trusts, the reality is far more comprehensive. If you’re interested in safeguarding your interests as you age, understanding the benefits of this area of law can be genuinely helpful.

How asset preservation works in elder law

Asset preservation safeguards your valuables from being depleted due to long-term care costs or other financial risks that come with aging. By planning, you can ensure that your assets go where you want them to, rather than being used up for healthcare or falling prey to fraud.

The role of Medicaid in asset preservation

Understanding Medicaid rules is crucial for successful asset preservation. Eligibility for Medicaid often requires an individual’s assets to fall below a certain threshold. This can lead to spending down assets to qualify, which may not be the most financially beneficial approach. Specific asset preservation techniques can help you maintain eligibility without unnecessary depletion of your estate. Commonly used methods include irrevocable trusts, life estates and annuities.

Because elder law is such complex set of decisions and plans, it’s critical that you work with someone who understands your specific needs and circumstances. Ensure that you review all the options available so you can choose the ones that you’re most comfortable with. This process can provide you with peace of mind and can potentially help your loved ones in a variety of ways after you pass away as well.