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September 2017 Archives

What is a spendthrift trust?

With trusts, there are many different options that are available and it is pivotal for those thinking about setting up a trust to find the path forward that they know will be most compatible with their unique circumstances. For example, you may be considering a spendthrift trust for various reasons. If so, it is pivotal to carefully review the ins and outs of this option and ensure that you make decisions which will protect your estate.

What does intestacy mean?

Whether you are having difficulty deciding which type of trust will serve your needs best or you have uncertainty about naming beneficiaries, the estate planning process can be complex. Moreover, there are certain key terms, such as intestacy, you may not be familiar with, which could have a significant impact on your property, depending on your circumstances. For example, those who do not have estate plans in place at the time of their death may have their property distributed in a way which would have gone against their wishes.

Understanding the purpose of a life insurance policy

For busy Massachusetts families, often the last thing on their mind is the importance of having a life insurance policy in place. However, this optional investment can make a significant difference in the financial and emotional stability and health of dependents and other family members when a policy is obtained and secured. 

How can I obtain an estate tax closing letter?

When it comes to estate taxes, many issues may need to be taken into consideration, even after a person has passed away. For example, if your spouse recently lost his or her life, you may not realize that you could still be able to benefit from estate tax planning. Families may also encounter other hardships after a loved one passes away, such as disputes over how assets are distributed or difficulties related to paying estate taxes. In Middlesex, and all across the state of Massachusetts, people may need estate tax closing letters to clear tax liens or close probate. If you need an estate tax closing letter, it is important to review the process of obtaining the letter.

Can beneficiaries contest a trust?

When it comes to trusts, all sorts of issues can arise. Sometimes, problems can wreak havoc after the person who created the trust passes away. For example, a beneficiary might attempt to contest a trust in Massachusetts. There are a number of reasons why a beneficiary may believe that a trust needs to be contested. For example, they could be convinced that the trustor, or the person who set up the trust, was subjected to undue influence. Or, they could think that the trustor was mentally incapacitated at the time they signed the trust. 

Handling an estate-related family dispute

Disputes involving estates take many forms, from accusations of a breach of fiduciary duties to will contests which claim that a will is not valid. Curley Law Firm knows the many ways in which these disputes can affect those involved and create lasting pain and hardships for families across the state of Massachusetts. If you are currently going through an estate dispute, it is important to take steps to minimize the potential impact of the dispute, if possible, while ensuring that your rights are not violated.