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July 2015 Archives

Temporary guardianships in Massachusetts

Many different things can happen during the course of guardianship proceedings. For example, in some guardianship cases, a court will decide to appoint a temporary guardian for an individual to serve while the guardianship petition regarding the individual is being considered by the court.

Report: Massachusetts a bad place financially for rich retirees

Elderly individuals sometimes face financial challenges in their retirement years. Such challenges can sometimes endanger a retiree's ability to have the type of retirement they desire. They could also have the potential to reduce what assets a retiree has available to give to their family and loved ones, both during their life and after their death. For elderly individuals who have a great desire to provide financial support to their family and loved ones, such a potential reduction can be a very concerning thing. 

Proper handling of estate debt important in estate administration

Estate administration involves many things. One is addressing debt that the deceased still held upon their death. When a person dies while they still hold debt, their estate generally is liable for the debt. There are a variety of different rules regarding the paying off of a deceased's debts with estate assets.

Protecting your family through estate planning

There are many worries a person may have in relation to their family. One thing in particular they may be worried about is what will happen with their family when they pass away. Thus, a question many may have is: what can I do to help ensure there will be proper protections in place for my family when I die?

Baby boomers and their parents: who will struggle more?

For decades after World War II people thought very little about the influx of children into society. Called the baby boomer generation, these children were considered a symbol of America's triumph over oppression, reigning in a new era destined for greatness and prosperity. Now though, baby boomers signal something else: an increased strain on the health care system and the economy.