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Undue influence and wills

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2017 | Wills |

With estate matters, a smorgasbord of questions and challenges may arise. Whether you cannot figure out which type of estate plan is ideal or you are facing problems after a loved one has passed away, our law firm knows how critical it is to handle these issues appropriately. Moreover, you may need to familiarize yourself with different terms, such as undue influence, and figure out which course of action to take. In Middlesex, and other Massachusetts cities, handling estate hurdles appropriately is vital.

There are various ways in which you may be dealing with undue influence. For example, you could be setting up an estate plan and worried that someone will influence you in a manner which interferes with your free will. Or, perhaps you have been falsely accused of undue influence by a beneficiary who believes that they should have been entitled to more of the estate’s assets. Moreover, you may be a beneficiary who is convinced that someone took advantage of your loved one and was responsible for manipulating their estate.

Regardless of the type of estate issue you are facing, it is crucial to carefully work through these hurdles for multiple reasons. Not only can the outcome of these issues have a significant financial impact on beneficiaries, but the way in which these matters are handled can affect relationships between family members as well. After all, estate problems can be highly contentious and create strong emotions. On our wills page, you can read more material connected to undue influence.