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Estate planning for your blended family

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2019 | Estate Planning |

Like many other people in Massachusetts, you are beginning to think about your future and are interested in creating an estate plan that conforms to the needs of your family. However, your family has a unique dynamic in that it is blended. At Curley Law Firm LLP, we are experienced in helping families of all different backgrounds to develop a beneficial estate plan.

While you and your spouse have worked hard to make your blended family a rewarding and happy group of relationships, its unique setup may require you to take a different approach to plan your estate. Your efforts to clarify all applicable details while you are still living can reduce a great deal of stress, confusion and contention among your children following your death. An invaluable way to verify that you and your spouse share a mutual understanding of how your will should be written is for you to communicate regularly with each other. Where appropriate, involve your children and disclose to them applicable details about your plan. 

According to Forbes, one way to continue empowering your blended family without creating divides is to hire a trustee who you trust and is capable of making responsible financial decisions. Along with this, coordinate your estate plan to account for the possibility that your spouse may remarry after you pass away. You can also consider gifting some of your assets solely to your biological children, and others to your step-children. Most importantly, remember that a simple handwritten will may not be enough when your family is blended. 

When you account for your family’s unique dynamic and celebrate that makeup in the way you create your will, you may be able to prevent discord after your death. For more information about writing a will, visit our web page.