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A serious talk with your aging parents on living arrangements

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2022 | Elder Law |

This upcoming talk is overdue. You know it, and your parents know it. This discussion centers on housing options for your aging parents. Realistically, the family home is now much too big for them to maintain. In addition, your mother and father, sometimes, could use assistance in some day-to-day activities.

Your concerns are natural as you wonder whether they can still take care of themselves. Options exist and may include having you or a sibling moving in as a caretaker, hiring an in-home care specialist or moving into a senior living facility, assisted care facility or nursing home. All topics are on the table for this discussion and listen to what your parents say.

Look into the available options

Before having this talk, make sure that you and other family members have done thorough research. Here are the options that should come under consideration:

  • In-home care: This way, your parents may continue to reside in the comfort of their home. Figure out where they need help. That list may include preparing food, housekeeping, dressing, grooming, exercising and rides to appointments or for social outings. Finding the right caregiver may take time and make sure your parents are comfortable with that person.
  • Moving into their home or moving them into your home: Understand that you will be sacrificing some privacy. Making either of these decisions, though, allows you to spend more time together. Make sure to have your own personal space in your parents’ home. And, if they move into your home, you may consider building an addition.
  • Review senior housing options: The right locations usually depend on how mobile and independent your parents are. A senior living apartment may be right for parents who may not need any assistance. If your parents could use some help, a senior living center with on-hand staff may be the right fit. However, if they need regular assistance, a nursing home may be the other choice. Visit these places with your parent and talk with the staff.

Some of these discussions may not be easy, but they are necessary at this stage in your parents’ lives.

Closely listen to them

Listen closely to what your parents have to say and make sure they have input in the decision-making. Moving out of the longtime family home represents a big step and a challenge, having to say goodbye to certain things. The memories will remain, but now they will embrace a new way of living.