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You may still be eligible for support through MassHealth

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2022 | Medicaid/MassHealth Planning |

As you get older, maintaining your health can come with challenges. In addition to some of the complications that come with aging, you may also have changes in your healthcare coverage.

Navigating benefit programs can feel frustrating since it can be difficult to know if you meet all of the requirements.

These are some of the myths about MassHealth and what you should know about whether you can qualify.

The earlier, the better

One of the challenges that come with Medicaid-type programs like MassHealth is the income limitation. When you plan early, you can be more strategic about your spend down strategy so you can keep assets like your family home.

There tend to be many rumors about what you need to do to accomplish a spend down. Often, the stories you have come from situations where someone’s application was denied because their strategy was ineffective. When you have the right support for creating your spend down approach, you can submit your MassHealth application with confidence.

Better late than never

Similar to the rumors about spending down, there are also many myths about applying too late to get support through MassHealth. In truth, it is never too late to start planning so you can get assistance.

While there is some benefit to starting your planning early, there is always time to create a strategy that can fit your needs and timeline. It is essential to talk to a skilled professional, so you can discuss your unique circumstances and get the support you need.