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The elder law issues that require attention and guidance

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2021 | Elder Law |

Elder law encompasses a wide range of areas. Any one of them such as long-term care, guardianship and estate planning may likely surface in your life as well as the lives of loved ones. And whenever these issues do, they must be addressed by you, your family and a skilled legal ally when necessary.

At every turn, you likely have questions about your elder law issue. Not only do you understand the importance of the planning related to such issues, but you also want to ensure that you gain answers that provide peace of mind in knowing that plans are in place.

Long-term care, estate planning and elder abuse

Getting guidance on elder law matters is critical. As people age, certain issues come to the forefront, and among the areas to address include:

  • Estate planning and administration: Creating a thorough estate plan that includes a will or trust remains crucial. Choosing executors, trustees and a health care powers of attorney represent important aspects as well.
  • Long-term care planning: This includes determining the best option for a loved one whether it is a nursing home or assisting living center, adult day care or home health care and how to pay for it. Nursing homes can prove costly.
  • Guardianship and conservatorship: When an elderly parent no longer can care for himself of herself, these important roles come into play. As a guardian, you are responsible for the care and living arrangements of your loved one. A conservator oversees the financial aspects of that person’s life.
  • Planning related to disabilities and special needs: This is a necessity when people become physically or mentally incapacitated. Such planning includes making certain decisions related to your health and finances are in place. This may include a durable power of attorney for health care as well as a living will, detailing the medical care you will and will not accept. This area also includes securing government benefits if you qualify for them.
  • Elder abuse and neglect: People can be abused and neglected in nursing homes by staff members and at home by family members. The types of elder abuse and neglect range from physical and psychological to financial and sexual.

Personal and financial decisions intertwine in elder law matters. Please make sure that your family is prepared for when these issues surface and that you know where to find the right sources for answers.