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DIY wills can lead to complications in the future

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2020 | Wills |

Estate planning is prudent and practical for every Massachusetts adult, and some may look for ways to save time and money during this process. One way someone may try to do this is by drafting these documents independently and without relying on the guidance of legal and financial professionals. This is not the ideal way to draft wills or any other important legal documents, and this approach can lead to complications in the future.

One can find nearly anything on the internet, including estate planning advice. Some websites even offer to draft a will for a fee, only requiring a person to input his or her information in the blanks. This may seem easier, but going this route probably does not offer the full amount of protection needed. DIY websites do not allow for a personal approach nor do they account for unique circumstances that should be included in the terms of an estate plan.

Writing a will is only a small aspect of crafting a comprehensive estate plan. There are various other tools that are available and important for dealing with certain types of property, and it’s truly not possible to draft these without carefully considering the options and legal requirements. In order for all of the aspects of a complete plan to be effective and enforceable, it’s worthwhile to have help from the very beginning.

When considering what protections may be important for the future, it can help to discuss these needs with an experienced Massachusetts attorney. An assessment of the individual estate can help one see what estate planning documents may be necessary for full protection and to address specific needs. The DIY approach may be cheaper or seem easier when drafting wills, but it is not worth risking future interests.