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Estate planning can be a stress reducer

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2020 | Estate Planning |

The baby boomer generation is aging, nearing retirement or already there. While many may have already done estate planning, many in Massachusetts have not. Many of their children are stuck in what has been referred to as the “sandwich generation,” having young children and aging parents at the same time. Discussing death with one’s parents is not easy but doing so can provide peace of mind to all concerned knowing that the parent’s final wishes have been noted and are properly documented.

When broaching such a sensitive subject there are some things to consider. Some will say they are waiting for the proverbial “right time.” That is a time that may never come and putting it off will not make the subject any easier to broach.

One way to approach the conversation can be to ask one’s parents if they are working with an estate planner. It is also a good idea to plan the conversation ahead of time in an attempt to avoid being shot down. As difficult a conversation as it is for a child to have with a parent, the difficulty can go the other direction as well as no one relishes contemplating mortality. It is also important to involve everyone who will be impacted by a plan in order to reduce possible tensions that could result from feeling left out of important decisions.

Contemplating one’s own mortality is not easy. Passing without a plan in place in Massachusetts can be very costly as failure to have an estate plan could result in a court deciding how a person’s estate will be distributed. Comprehensive estate planning can provide peace of mind and reduce stress on already stressed out family members.