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Communicating about family wills can be a gift

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2020 | Wills |

The term “estate planning” can conjure up morose and morbid thoughts and the mere idea of that can be enough to prevent discussions from taking place. The fact remains that no one gets out of this life alive and that if the issue is not addressed, what happens after a person passes away could be left to the courts. While wills are important, there are other issues that may need to be addressed in a comprehensive Massachusetts estate plan. One of the most important things is to start the conversation.

As parents age, it is normal for adult children and loved ones to wonder about medical care and plans that may be in place for the future. It is not necessarily a topic one’s children will feel comfortable broaching but that does not mean it should not be discussed. If one has an estate plan in place, it is important that loved ones know of its existence and its location and the person to contact should the need arise. Having such a conversation can put one’s children at ease knowing steps have been taken.

In addition to informing one’s loved ones about the steps that have been taken, this can also serve as an inspiration or impetus for adult children to take steps to create a plan as well. When there are young children in the picture it is important to designate a guardian and to provide financial support in the event that something happens to the parents. Creating and maintaining an estate plan is an ongoing process that frequently begins with the birth of a first child.

If a person is hesitant or uncertain about how to broach the subject of family wills and other documents, an estate planning attorney can assist with conducting a family meeting in Massachusetts. It may be to discuss the parents plan and to help explain the details of that plan as well as addressing reasons for why decisions were made. Facing one’s own mortality is not easy but preparing for it and sharing those preparations with family can be a priceless gift.