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Estate planning can be the best gift

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2019 | Estate Planning |

Another year is coming to an end in Massachusetts. The year end brings with it a time of reflection in reviewing the past year and anticipation of what the new year may hold. Families gather and reflect and look forward together. Aging relatives may be concerned about their legacy but hesitant to raise the subject of estate planning and end-of-life planning. The truth is that family gatherings can be an excellent time to review these issues.

Children have been raised for generations to believe that money discussions are one of those subjects to shy away from. But as parents age and enter retirement, failure to have money and estate discussions can cause undo hardship in the event of an unexpected passing. The subject needn’t be presented as a sad or depressing one but more as an expression of existing or pending plans.

People are reluctant to discuss death and that certainly applies to one’s immediate family. The truth is that resolving issues of estate planning and making sure one’s family is aware of those plans is one of the most valuable gifts that can be bestowed on loved ones. The subject may be uncomfortable but in the event of a death, loved ones will be grateful for the chance to mourn without worry about the dispensation of one’s estate.

Having a comprehensive plan in place is a great way to start the new year. A person considering estate planning can benefit from a comprehensive review of one’s finances and other assets in Massachusetts. An experienced attorney can help one arrive at a plan that is appropriate and helps to ensure that one’s final wishes will be carried out.