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Estate planning can be a truly meaningful gift

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2019 | Estate Planning |

People in Massachusetts lead very busy lives. Days seem to run together and another year can pass in the blink of an eye. Indeed, the end of the year is approaching and many people take the opportunity to review past accomplishments and plan for the new year. No one likes to contemplate the new year being a person’s last, but the fact remains that no one knows how much time one is allotted and as such, estate planning is not a task that should be indefinitely delayed.

As the season of gift-giving approaches it is worth considering the value of a comprehensive plan to one’s loved ones. Failure to establish a plan means that a person faces the risk of dying intestate, meaning without a will. Not only can this cause additional grief for loved ones it can also cost one’s estate a significant amount of money.

While contemplating one’s own mortality is difficult and something few people are eager to consider, remembering who will benefit from the exercise can make it easier. If there are young children involved it is vital that their care be provided for in the unlikely event of the parent’s untimely passing. If a person is aging it is worth considering that having a comprehensive and up-to-date plan in place will enable those left behind to grieve their loss without having to consider how one’s affairs will be settled.

As the holiday season approaches in Massachusetts and the annual gift-giving questions arise, consider a gift that will truly hold meaning — that of estate planning. Gather loved ones and inform them of decisions that have been made. Peace of mind is truly one of the best gifts to give and to receive.