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Being informative may prevent inheritance disputes in your family

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2019 | Wills |

When you start the process of organizing the plan for your future and how you will distribute your estate to your surviving family members, your first concern may not be telling your family the details of what you are doing. However, your willingness to be open about your intentions may have quite an impact on preventing disagreements between your family after your death. AT Curley Law Firm LLP, we are experienced in helping families in Massachusetts with estate planning. 

Approaching the topic of dying someday and how you wish to have your estate distributed may be a sensitive topic for those close to you. Going about it in an appropriate manner with respect and genuine care can help you send a message of love and hope despite the heaviness of the topic. Being forthright in discussing your plans and your final wishes are imperative to your family’s ability to cope and feel confident that they know exactly what you would have wanted when the time comes that you pass away. 

According to U.S. News, family members who are jealous of each other and feel that they did not get what they deserved may experience long-term difficulties in their relationships that last years after your death. Your efforts to inform your heirs and beneficiaries of what they can expect to receive as well as why you made the decisions you have, may help them to better understand your intentions and feel satisfied with the outcome. 

When you understand the value of disseminating information about your estate plan to those who care about you, you may have a powerful influence over the condition of the relationships within your family even after you are gone. For more information about writing a will, visit our web page.