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Establishing guardianship for an adult

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2017 | Guardianships & Conservatorships |

Many different legal matters may arise in probate court, leaving entire families unsure of what the outcome will be. However, guardianship proceedings can seem particularly complicated for those who may not be familiar with the process. However, establishing guardianship can be an excellent way for people to help take care of their loved ones when they have become incapacitated due to a mental illness or another issue. Curley Law Firm understands how emotional and even stressful these hearings can be for people in Wakefield and all across Massachusetts, which highlights the importance of reviewing the situation thoroughly.

Sometimes, people develop a mental illness or impairment that interferes with their ability to make sound decisions. If your loved one is struggling with this predicament, we know how upsetting this can be. However, you or another one of your family members could be able to help protect their interests by establishing a guardianship. As a guardian, you will have the ability to help your loved one with decisions related to their health care. Moreover, you or another relative may be interested in setting up a conservatorship, which would allow you to make financial decisions for your loved one who have become incapacitated.

When it comes to setting up a guardianship or conservatorship, a number of hurdles may arise and it is pivotal to be fully prepared for any obstacles that might lie ahead. If you browse to our page on conservatorship and guardianship proceedings, you can read over additional considerations on establishing guardianship.