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How does Massachusetts stack up when it comes to high-quality nursing homes?

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2016 | Trusts |

There are many worries an elderly individual may have regarding nursing homes. Among these are concerns about whether they will be able to find a high-quality nursing home in their area if they end up needing nursing home care. So, seniors here in Massachusetts may wonder: How is Massachusetts doing when it comes to nursing home quality?

A recent report ranked many nursing homes in the state among the best nursing homes in the country.

The report looked at over 15,000 nursing homes throughout the nation. It looked at various ratings based off of federal data regarding these homes from a 12-month period. This period ended in October of this year. Based on the findings from this rating review, the report gave certain homes a “Best Nursing Home” rating.

In total, a little over 2,000 nursing homes were given this rating. How many of these high-rated nursing homes were from Massachusetts? Eighty were.

This put Massachusetts in the top 10 for states with the highest number of nursing homes given this rating.

This also means over 19 percent of the Massachusetts nursing homes the report evaluated received this rating. While this percentage was not high enough to put Massachusetts into the top 10 for states that had the highest proportion of their nursing homes make the Best Nursing Homes list, it is higher than the national average. Nationally, only around 13 percent of the evaluated nursing homes got this top rating.

In your opinion, how is the overall quality of nursing homes here in Massachusetts?

Another thing a senior may worry about regarding nursing homes is what the financial implications will be for them if they end up needing care from a nursing home. Such care can be expensive and could wreak havoc on a person’s financial situation, particularly if they haven’t planned for it. Thankfully, there is advanced planning seniors can do for the possibility of needing potentially expensive long-term care, like nursing home care, in the future. Skilled elder law attorneys can explain to seniors the different planning options out there on this front, like trust-based planning, and assist them in their efforts to find the right long-term care planning strategy for their situation.

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