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Notice for informal probate in Massachusetts

On Behalf of | May 28, 2015 | Probate & Estate Administration |

There are many different requirements Massachusetts law has put in place when it comes to filing for probate for the estate of a deceased loved one. One such type of requirement is a notice requirement. Today, we will discuss the notice requirement for filing for informal probate in the state. 

When filing for informal probate in the state, notification will need to be made to certain individuals. Which specific individuals are required to be given such notice is dictated by state law. 

There are two specific types of notice that need to be given to meet the notification requirement for filing for informal probate: written notice and publication notice. These two notification types have different requirements regarding what time they need to be made by.

The earlier of the two deadlines is the deadline for written notice. This deadline is seven days before the filing of the informal probate petition.

The later of the two deadlines is the deadline for publication notice. This deadline is 30 days after the informal probate petition has been allowed. 

As this illustrates, the various different requirements related to filing for probate can be rather complex. Complying with these often-complicated rules can be vital when filing a probate petition in relation to a deceased loved one. Massachusetts estate planning lawyers can help families in the state with the probate filing process and can help answer questions families who have lost a loved one have regarding what requirements need to be met in relation to this process. 

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