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Posts tagged "Trusts"

Survey: many wealthy individuals worried about health care costs

Health care costs, including costs related to long-term care, can easily get rather high. Thus, it is unsurprising that medical costs can be a big source of anxiety. A recent survey indicates that health care expenses are something that many wealthy individuals worry about.

What impacts is technology having on senior living situations?

When a senior is thinking about the possibility of having to leave their home and move into an elder care facility, there are many worries they may have. They may be concerned about the emotions of leaving a long-time family home, how much independence they would lose by moving into a facility and what long-term financial implications them moving to an elder care facility would have on them and their family. Thus, most elderly individuals hope to stay in their own home, and out of a care facility, as long as possible.

Helping after-death gifts go to your loved ones rather than their creditors

When a person sets up an after-death gift of assets to a loved one, they generally want as much of that after-death gift to go to their loved one as possible. Thus, one thing they might be concerned about is the possibility of portions of the gift being directed away from their loved one towards others. An example of a type of such asset redirection that one might be worried about happening after their death is their loved one losing portions of the gifted assets through creditor actions or lawsuits.

What is an 'elderly orphan'?

There are many terms out there that have to do with seniors. One such term that our readers may have come across in recent times is "elderly orphan." A natural question one may have when encountering this term is: what exactly does it mean?

Famous college coach gives after-death gift to former players

There are all manner of different after-death gifts that a person can set up their estate plan to make. This can be seen in some news that has arisen regarding a recently-deceased famous college basketball coach. The coach arrayed part of his estate plan towards making a nice gesture towards his former players. 

Protecting your nest egg

When an older individual is heading into retirement, one thing they often put a lot of pride in and care quite a bit about is the nest egg they have built up over the years. Such a nest egg can represent decades of hard work and a person's hopes of having the kind of retirement they deserve after all that hard work.

Planning for a health crisis

Everyone hopes that their elderly years will be relatively uneventful health-wise. Sadly though, it is not at all uncommon for a health crisis to strike a senior. Such a crisis can lead to an individual needing extensive home care or having to move into a nursing home.