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Posts tagged "Trusts"

Things that can create financial challenges for retirees

One of the great hopes a person typically has when it comes to retirement is that they will have enough saved up to properly cover their retirement. Thus, one retirement-related thing a person may put a good deal of focus on is how much in retirement savings they have. However, there are things beyond just the amount they have saved up that can impact how likely a person is to be in financially solid shape during their retirement years.

Study: dementia rates on the decline

Dementia can impact all kinds of things in a person's life and can cause a person to have considerable long-term care needs. Given this, a trend that a recent study indicates is occurring is an encouraging one. This trend is a fall in dementia rates.

Privacy concerns and estate planning

How one's assets are distributed after death can be an incredibly personal thing. Thus, the details of such distributions are something an individual may want kept out of the public eye after their death. Consequently, privacy is one of the big estate planning concerns an individual may have.

How much in out-of-pocket health care costs arise in retirement?

Getting the right medical care is important when one is in their retirement years. There are certain challenges that can arise for seniors when it comes to getting the medical care they need for the medical conditions they have. One are challenges when it comes to paying for such care.

Survey: many wealthy individuals worried about health care costs

Health care costs, including costs related to long-term care, can easily get rather high. Thus, it is unsurprising that medical costs can be a big source of anxiety. A recent survey indicates that health care expenses are something that many wealthy individuals worry about.