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Posts tagged "Trusts"

Group long-term care insurance premiums in Massachusetts

There are various methods individuals could turn to for trying to address the possibility of having high long-term care expenses in the future. For some, setting up certain kinds of trusts could be of help when it comes to their goals on this front. Another planning strategy some use is getting long-term care insurance.

Study: Elderly stroke victims average more care time per week

Suffering a stroke can be a very terrifying experience for an elderly individual. It is also an experience that can have effects long into the future. Among the things a stroke can impact for a senior is what their care needs are moving forward. A recent study points to stroke survivors tending to have significantly greater care needs than elderly individuals who have not suffered a stroke.

Assisted-living facilities one nursing home alterative

Individuals vary considerably in what their care needs are in their elderly years. Some elderly individuals need the skilled nursing care that nursing homes can provide. Others, while not needing skilled nursing care, still have personal care needs that exceed their abilities to handle them on their own.

Advanced planning on long-term-care-related Medicaid issues

A nursing home stay is something that is in many people’s future. What happens in regards to nursing home care during a person’s elderly years can be very impactful. Now, a person doesn’t have to wait until they are in their elderly years or until they are sure they will in fact need nursing home care to make preparations regarding impactful nursing-home-care-related issues. Rather, they can engage in advanced planning on these issues, and such planning can prove very beneficial.

The potential problems of co-trustee situations

Trusts can be used for a range of different things in an estate plan. Whatever goal a trust is being aimed at, when setting up a trust, it can be critical to exercise proper care when picking who to name as trustee. The trustee administers the trust and manages the property put in it, and thus can play a very big role in how the trust ends up going and how well it serves its intended purposes.

Report: Massachusetts tops nation in senior health

One thing a person may have great concerns about as they get older is their health. A senior’s health can have impacts on many things, including what their quality of life is like in their elderly years, what sorts of things they can do during their retirement and what medical and health care costs they end up being exposed to.

Estate planning issues for educators

Among the things that can impact what kind of estate planning issues can be key ones for a person is what they do for a living. Different fields/professions have different types of estate planning concerns that can typically arise for individuals in that field/profession. Today, we will discuss some of the special estate planning issues that can come up for individuals working in the field of education.