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Posts tagged "Trusts"

Elder care costs can rival the costs of raising a child

Big costs can arise for families in many different contexts. One such context is the care of an aging loved one. There are all kinds of costs, such as costs related to long-term care and expenses for less intensive forms of paid assistance, that might come up in connection to a person’s care needs as they get older. These costs can hit rather high levels. This can particularly be the case if a senior ends up developing a chronic condition or other things that create special added care needs. A recent Forbes article noted that the costs a senior and their family could face in relation to elder care could easily end up in the realm of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Legislation introduced regarding fraud against the elderly

There are certain things that can vastly alter how a person’s retirement years go. One is if an elderly individual ends up being the victim of a fraud scam. Frauds targeting seniors can take a wide range of forms. Sometimes, such frauds are perpetrated by strangers, while other times they are done by a person an elderly individual is close to.

MassHealth eligibility rules could be changing

When it comes to addressing long-term care costs in their elderly years, some individuals rely on benefits from Massachusetts’ Medicaid program: MassHealth. So, what the eligibility rules are for such benefits can have major impacts on seniors in the state. Some changes have recently been proposed to these rules.

New law makes change to the rules on special needs trusts

When a person has a disability, a lot of unique financial issues can come up for them. This includes issues related to things such as saving money, long-term care costs and public benefits eligibility. Special needs planning may be able to help with preparing for such issues and protecting the interests of a person with disabilities when it comes to such issues.

How does Massachusetts stack up when it comes to high-quality nursing homes?

There are many worries an elderly individual may have regarding nursing homes. Among these are concerns about whether they will be able to find a high-quality nursing home in their area if they end up needing nursing home care. So, seniors here in Massachusetts may wonder: How is Massachusetts doing when it comes to nursing home quality?

What is an incentive trust?

The term “trust” describes a rather versatile set of estate planning devices. There are many different kinds of trusts a person could include in their estate plan here in Massachusetts. The different types of trusts vary in what they can do and what kinds of goals they are aimed at helping with.

Many seniors with hip fractures don’t get a full recovery

An injury can have the potential to impact a person for the rest of their life. This can particularly be the case for seniors, as the various things that go along with old age can make recovering from an injury difficult. Elderly individuals sometimes never fully recovery from an injury.