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Posts tagged "Guardianships & Conservatorships"

Survey: seniors not that worried about financial abuse

Elderly individuals can suffer greatly when they are subjected to financial abuse, and seniors can sometimes have significant vulnerabilities to such abuse. A recent survey indicates that, despite this, being worried about financial abuse is actually rather uncommon among elderly individuals.

Could hearing aids help curb cognitive decline?

Hearing aids can have many quality of life benefits for seniors who have hearing loss. Might the use of such devices also help elderly individuals with hearing problems retain more of their cognitive abilities as they get older? A recent study points to it being a possibility. 

Study: financial decision-making quality drops in elderly years

Many different kinds of financial decisions can end up coming before an elderly individual. Some examples include decisions regarding investments, bank accounts, real estate, credit cards or debt. These decisions can have major impacts on a senior's life.

Temporary guardianships in Massachusetts

Many different things can happen during the course of guardianship proceedings. For example, in some guardianship cases, a court will decide to appoint a temporary guardian for an individual to serve while the guardianship petition regarding the individual is being considered by the court.

Requesting to be a loved one's guardian

When a person has an elderly loved one who has become incapacitated to the point where they cannot make health care decisions, they may be very concerned about their loved one's health and welfare. They may desire to be given the authority to make their loved one's health care decisions so they can protect their loved one's welfare. A question an individual with such a desire may have is: can I request to be named my loved one's guardian?

Full conservatorships and limited conservatorships

Sometimes, a medical problem an elderly individual has will render the individual unable to manage their finances and property. When such a situation arises, a court may be able to set up a conservatorship in relation to the elderly individual. Generally, in a conservatorship, a person is appointed to manage an impaired individual's finances and property. The appointed person is called the conservator.