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Concerns about how much to leave to loved ones

One of the decisions that will generally come before a person when they are getting their estate plan in place is how much in assets to leave to their various loved ones. There are many different concerns a person may have when it comes to the issue of how much to leave to loved ones. One thing they might be worried about is that they will end up leaving a beneficiary more than is ultimately good for the beneficiary.  

Estate planning goals that wills, generally, cannot help with

When it comes to their estate planning, an elderly individual may have a great many different goals. Wills can be a very useful estate planning tool when it comes to quite a few different types of estate planning goals. However, there are some estate planning goals that wills, generally, are unable to help with. We will go over two such goals in today's post.

Death and Facebook accounts

For many people today, their Facebook page and their other social media pages play a significant part in the way they project themselves to the world. Thus, it makes sense that one thing individuals may have very strong thoughts about is what will happen with their social media accounts when they pass away. They may want their accounts to simply be shut down when they die. Or perhaps they would rather have their accounts kept up as memorials to their life. They may also have strong opinions about who should be able to access/control the accounts upon their death.

Can an interested party be a witness to a Massachusetts will?

One of the things that generally needs to happen for a Massachusetts will to be valid is for the will to meet the state's witness requirement. To meet the state’s witness requirement, the signing of the will or an acknowledgment of the will/signature must be witnessed by two or more people. These witnesses must then add their signatures to the will.