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The price of not having a will: loss of control

Among the things a person may care greatly about is the legacy they leave behind. A desire to build the type of legacy they want and control what their legacy will be can be a driving force in many of a person’s actions, including how they conduct themselves in their business and personal dealings, how they get involved in their community and what sorts of things they build and create (like businesses).

Thinking about the future when big life changes occur

When a big change happens in a person's life, such as a marriage, the birth of a child, a major change in employment situation or a big financial gain or loss, a lot of the person's thoughts might be on the present and the immediate ramifications of the change. However, in the wake of these sorts of events, thinking about issues regarding the future can also be extremely important, as these events can have big impacts on the future as well as the present.

Self-proving affidavits for wills

There are certain things state law requires a person to do in order for a will to be valid. There are other will-related actions that such laws do not require, but do make available as an option. In Massachusetts, one of the things that falls into the latter category is having a self-proving affidavit for one's will.

Getting beyond just thinking about estate planning

When an unexpected event occurs that incapacitates a person or causes them to suffer an early death, whether or not they have an estate plan can make a huge difference on the situation. Thus, actually taking action to get an estate plan in place is important for adults in all stages of life. It is always good to be prepared for the unexpected. 

The estate planning challenges of airline miles

In estate planning, one thing it can be very important to be aware of is if any of your assets raise special estate planning issues. One special estate planning issue some assets raise is unpredictability when it comes to the ability to pass on the asset upon death. One asset that has such unpredictability connected to it are airline miles.

Who is allowed to challenge a will, and under what circumstances?

After a loved one or family member passes away, one of the most divisive and difficult moments of the event can be dealing with the will. This is a crucial document to the deceased individual's estate plan, and it dictates how much of the estate will be distributed and handled after he or she has passed.

Protecting your family through estate planning

There are many worries a person may have in relation to their family. One thing in particular they may be worried about is what will happen with their family when they pass away. Thus, a question many may have is: what can I do to help ensure there will be proper protections in place for my family when I die?