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Wills and naming beneficiaries

When it comes to estates, various questions may arise, from the early stages of planning until after one passes away. If you have decided that a will is the best way to protect your estate, it is essential to closely look over some of the different questions that you have or decisions that you could have to make. For example, you might have difficulty with naming beneficiaries. At Curley Law Firm, we know that it can be very hard to decide how to distribute your property among beneficiaries. However, it is pivotal for people in Middlesex and other Massachusetts cities to make sure that they work through this phase appropriately.

What you should know about personal property memorandums

When people in Massachusetts think about an inheritance, they may have more in mind than a loved one's financial assets. In fact, many family conflicts begin over who will get an heirloom or another personal item that may have little or no financial value at all. The General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts states that information regarding who will receive tangible property after the owner's death may be included in a separate writing as an addendum to a will, and may be created either before or after the will is executed.

Retirement planning is more than just about money

To most people, estate planning is about planning for their financial futures. However, a comprehensive estate plan involves more than just putting money in a 401(k) or drafting a will. It encompasses all of the things needed to help a person enjoy their retirement. As such, future retirees will need some assistance planning for the non-financial aspects or retirement. This post will identify some of these elements.

Your spouse may not be a beneficiary of your premarital will

Modifying your will after major life changes is the best way to make sure your Massachusetts estate is distributed according to your wishes. However, if you have married since you wrote the will and you did not make updates, your spouse may still receive a portion of the inheritance. We at the Curley Law Firm have often advised clients on how assets may be allocated when a will has not been adjusted to reflect the current family situation.

Passwords and estate planning

Yesterday was World Password Day. This day is aimed at raising awareness of the importance of strong passwords when it comes to cyber-security. So, passwords are something that might be fresh on a lot of people’s minds right now.

Estate planning doesn’t have to be focused on death

One of the areas in which procrastination can strike is in estate planning. One thing that may lead people to drag their feet on estate planning is an assumption that the process will be very death-focused. Death is a topic many people don’t like to think about, so the thought of going through a death-focused process can be an unappealing one.

Getting into details in family estate planning talks

When it comes to wills, the details matter considerably. From how a will is worded to what steps are taken to execute the will, there are all kinds of little details that can impact what effect a will ends up having and whether the will does end up doing what the person it’s for intended it to do. So, there are all sorts of things it can be important to properly address during the process of forming a will. Estate planning lawyers can help individuals with tackling the various details in this process.