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Estate Administration & Probate Archives

Estate planning that may keep the family peace

People who are thinking about getting the documents together for their estate plans no doubt want to make sure what they have in place won't create bad feelings between family members. There is estate planning help for Massachusetts residents looking to keep peace in their families once they have passed away. If testators have more than one child to think about, they might want to make sure their assets are divided fairly.

Need help getting through probate administration?

If you recently lost a loved one, the last thing you want to do while grieving your loss is to figure out how to close out his or her estate. However, it has to be done at some point -- sooner rather than later is best. The probate administration process can be challenging to get through, particularly if you are unfamiliar with how it works in Massachusetts. Thankfully, you do not have to struggle through it alone.

Who can be given guardianship of an incapacitated adult?

When an adult is or becomes incapacitated, and he or she lacks a plan for who is to handle his or her affairs, the Massachusetts court system will likely place the individual in the care of a guardian. Who can be given guardianship of an incapacitated person? Many might be surprised at the answer to that question.

Are all assets subject to the probate process?

Designing an estate plan that meets all of one's wants and needs can be somewhat challenging. Wanting to get it right so that one is fully protected, assets go to the right people, and loved ones can avoid arguments and a lengthy probate process is certainly understandable. Asking questions is the only way to ensure the final product meets one's goals. One common question asked by Massachusetts residents is: Are all assets subject to the probate process?

Probate litigation: Mental capacity issues

If a Massachusetts resident wishes to execute an estate plan, he or she must be of sound mind. Probate litigation often involves heirs or beneficiaries who contest a will based upon evidence of the diminished mental capacity of the estate owner. There are several celebrity cases where such issues have been a central focus.

Estate administration carries significant responsibility

Creating an estate plan is becoming more widely recognized as a necessity as the consequences of not having one are made evident by several famous people who died without having a will or other documents in place. In addition to having an estate plan, a person may be called upon to be an executor of a will in Massachusetts. Estate administration comes with its own set of responsibilities.

Examining the problems that are addressed during probate

When people have an inadequate estate plan in Massachusetts, their case may be turned over to a probate court where officials will determine what will become of their remaining assets. Depending on the size of the deceased's estate, probate could be costly and time-consuming. People can avoid having to resort to probate by determining that they have clearly written and legally signed plans for what will happen when they pass away. 

Estate planning for your blended family

Like many other people in Massachusetts, you are beginning to think about your future and are interested in creating an estate plan that conforms to the needs of your family. However, your family has a unique dynamic in that it is blended. At Curley Law Firm LLP, we are experienced in helping families of all different backgrounds to develop a beneficial estate plan.

Probating small estates

The probate process can indeed prove costly the longer it takes an estate case in Wakefield to be resolved. Yet the court does not want to see one' assets eaten up in probate, leaving nothing to settle a decedent's debts and liabilities or to pass on to their heirs. Thus, special circumstances exist that may allow estates with lower overall values the opportunity to expedite the process and settle their cases faster.