Experienced Representation In Conservatorship And Guardianship Proceedings

We have many years of experience securing conservatorship and guardianship appointments in the probate court. When someone loses the capacity to make decisions and they do not have adequate advance directives in place, they hire us to petition the probate court to be appointed decision-maker for the incapacitated person. The court refers to the incapacitated person as the protected person.

Massachusetts law in this area has changed dramatically in the last couple of years so it is imperative to work with attorneys like us who have many years of probate court experience. A major element of planning for an incapacitated person can be asset protection. This requires specialized advocacy on the part of your attorney to convince the court to allow you to preserve and protect the protected person's assets against Medicaid and/or nursing home costs.

A guardian makes health care decisions and a conservator makes financial decisions. Those individuals must report on an ongoing basis to the probate court, including careful financial accountings. The legal burden on these individuals is high so it is important to have a qualified elder law attorney representing you.

At Curley Law Firm LLP, our Wakefield attorneys assist clients throughout Massachusetts with guardianships and conservatorships. Our law practice is dedicated exclusively to estate planning and elder law. With more than four decades of experience, we have helped untold numbers of clients with these legal issues.

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